Bromley Pen

Our Visit to Bromley Pen

Bonita and I made our way from Kingston to Spanish Town and then to the T-3 toll road. The toll road was a pleasant surprise, a four lane, divided highway up over the worst of the mountains dividing north Jamaica from south Jamaica. The rest of toll road is being constructed and someday it will make an easy trip from Kingston to Ocho Rios. At the end of the toll road, we passed Moneague College and followed narrow winding roads to Bromley Pen near Walkers Wood, home of Walkers Wood Jerk Seasonings and condiments. We almost missed the turn, through two stone gate posts, but there was no mistaking the gorgeous house situated at the top of the hill. We parked our pickup truck, walked through the beautiful tropical gardens to the front door and there we met Johnathan Edwards at the top of the mountains that overlook the hamlet of Walkers Wood.

Bromley was established as a nine hundred acre pen in the 1700s to supply the local plantations with meat. It was one of many properties, which included sugar estates and pens owned by Sir John Pringle, a doctor and Johnathan’s great grandfather, who moved from Scotland in the 1850s. Over the following years, Sir John acquired over thirty properties and became the largest landowner in Jamaica. Bromley Pen is the last of those estates. Johnathan educated us on the finer points of the difference between a great house and pen. A great house was associated with sugar plantations, whereas a pen was the associated with the raising of livestock. The new owners built Bromley Pen on the foundations of a Spanish fort that had excellent views of the trail (now the road) that connected north and south Jamaica. Mr. Edwards showed us the loop holes (holes in the walls to aim a rifle at an enemy) in what is now the basement. Over the years, the past owners added the upper part of the house with its wooden structure with a wraparound verandah and many windows to allow the cool mountain breezes to pass through the building. At the front of the house is an elegant porte cochere (a covered entrance large enough for vehicles to pass through but now used a grand staircase) with square wooden columns. There is a large octagonal bay area fixed with louver windows and lattice work above the windows. The house is forest green and white. ‘The owners still use Bromley as their residence and have several retreats for the arts and yoga during the year from the US and Canada.  They can be contacted at their website at or Facebook at

Mrs. James Rose (1748-1811), nee Elizabeth Bromley Rose, daughter of William Rose II of Rose Hall and Bromley Estates, St. Ann, Jamaica. She was a direct descendant of Lt-Col. Thomas Rose (1639-1679), the Founder of Rose Hall and Mickleton Estates in St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, who came to Jamaica with Admiral Penn and General Venables during the English Conquest of 1655. She was also a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Bromley (1530-1587), Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Her first cousin, also named Elizabeth Bromley Rose, married the 5th Earl of Harrington and became the Countess of Harrington. From a Portrait Miniature on Ivory attributed to Andrew Plimmer, c. 1780. Collection: Brett Ashmeade-Hawkins.

Photos of Bromley Pen

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  1. crowbiz1994 says :

    I wonder if Lt Col Thos Rose’s descendants include “William Rose of the Parish of Clarendon” an executor in the 1816 will of my Gtx4 grandfather, originally from the Nairn region of Scotland. He was Daniel Nairne of Nairne Castle, Upper Clarendon, Ja. Do you perhaps know of any historical records, descriptions or pictures of the now demolished Nairne Castle structure or estate? (It was situated between James Hill and Trout Hall.)

    A quick look at Lt Col Thos Rose’s very English descendants does give a son William (no. 3 below) so the name William was in this family, but I cannot trace a Wm Rose b abt 1770-90. However others with the surname Rose emigrated from Jamaica to Scotland, specifically from the Nairn region, so my Wm Rose is more likely a descendant of one of them. A HUGH ROSE, son of Hugh Rose of Clava, sasine of lands in Nairn dated 14 April 1729. [SCA.FL5/11] Ref. Page 135, ‘Scottish Highlanders on the Eve of the Great Migration’,1725-1755: The Northern Highlands’, by David Dobson. He also records an Adam Rose b 1813 in Aberdeen; and a Hugh Rose b 1830 in Easter Ross.

    Lt Col Thos Rose marr Elizabeth Coxon d 1692. Children:
    1.Dr. Fulke Rose 1644–1694 m Elizabeth Langley 1662–1724. Dau Elizabeth Rose 1683– . m John Fuller of Brighton UK. Children:
    (1) Jn d.s.p.
    (2) Rose MD d.s.p.
    (3) Revd Henry. Children:
    (i) Jn of Rosehill, Sussex
    (ii) Eliz m sir Jn Aceland Bart
    (iii) Frances
    (4) Thos m Eliz Lidgitter of Lewes. children:
    (i) Jn Trayton-Fuller m.1 his cousin Eliz (5)(ii) below. m.2 Anne Eliot (whose mother is dau of sir Francis Drake.) Six children – mostly high ranking in RN
    (5) Stephen of Ldn., merchant for Ja. m Eliz Noakes. Children:
    (i) Philippa m Wm Dickerson esq
    (ii) Eliz m first cousin Jn Trayton Fuller d.s.p.
    (iii) Sarah m 1772 Hans Sloane MP of Sth Stoneham, Hants., esq.
    (iv) Anne d unmarr
    (6) Eliz m Wm Sloane of Bloomsbury Sq. esq
    (7) Hans d young
    (8) Henry d young
    2.Francis Rose 1653–1720
    3.William Rose b abt 1679 (Rose Hall Est, St Thomas in the Vale, Ja) – d 1724 (Worthy Pk Est, Lluidas Vale, St Catherine, Ja) m Elizabeth Bromley b abt 1702 in Abberley, Worces. Eng – married about 1720. Children:
    (1) William Rose, II b abt 1720 m Ann. Child:
    (i) Elizabeth Bromley Rose b 1753 Ja – d 1825 Eng – m Cossley Hall on 7 Dec 1786 Trelawney, Ja. Children Anne, Thomas, Mary.
    (2)Thomas Rose b 1723 Ja – d 1771 St Ann, Ja, m Ann Cross. Children:
    (i) John Cross Rose b Aug 27 1766, d 1824, m Mary Rose. Ch:
    (a) Rev. Urquhart Gillespie Rose m Susan Newby. Issue

    4.Thomas Rose 1689–1724 m Elizabeth Price 1697–1722 dau of Capt Francis Price of Wales (arrived Ja 1655 under Penn & Venables.)

    Half Siblings:

    5.Francis Price Jr 1665–
    6.Thomas Price 1670–
    7.Col. Charles Price 1679–1730
    8.Elizabeth Price


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