Long Pond Great House

Long Pond

I “discovered” the Long Pond Great House as I drove the road between Clarks Town and Duncans. It was easy to find because it was adjacent to the recently renovated Everglades Sugar Company’s Long Pond sugar mill and distillery. The most obvious structure beside the road was the 18th century windmill tower, now hidden in the trees growing on it, said to be a part of the oldest sugar mill in Trelawny. The original owner of Long Pond Estate was William Reid who acquired the property in 1709. The Reid family eventually owned six estates in the parish. At some point in the early 1800’s, the Clarke family bought the property and built the Long Pond great house in 1820. They owned all the estates around the present day Clarks Town. The 1840 Jamaica Almanac states that Long Pond was 2,347 acres in size and was owned by Simon H. Clarke.

The house must have been magnificent at one time. Today it houses employees at the adjacent sugar mill and distillery. As with most great houses on the island of Jamaica, the family quarters were on the second floor. A double stairway leads to the second floor with an arch beneath the stairs adding a touch of glamour. The upper door is flanked by narrow windows and an arched window above the door. This door leads into a foyer that extends out from the house proper. It appears that two additions on either side of the front foyer with shed roofs were added at a later date. The main house has three hip roofs covered today with corrugated metal. A further addition appears to have been added to the back which also has a shed roof. Today, the square-cut stone has been painted white. There are numerous outbuildings located around the property.

Long Pond Great House Photo Gallery

Long Pond Great House


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  1. Christine Hilgert says :

    Long Pond Great House was a beautiful home in it’s day. I spend a lot of time there, visiting the Aitken family in the 1930’s and ’40’s. We lived at neighbouring Vale Royal and our families were close friends.

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