Georgia Overseer’s House

After leaving the Long Pond Great House, while driving down the highway between Clarks Town and Duncans, I noticed a great house at the top of a hill. I drove up the hill, a group of men met me, and they informed me that I was at the Georgia Great House. Upon further investigation, the house is actually the Georgia Estate overseer’s house. The Georgia Great House is further up Georgia Ridge. An Everglades Sugar Company security guard gave me a tour of the outside of the house.  So far, all I know about the great house is that the Thomas Gordon founded the Georgia Estate and it consisted of 1,389 acres. I hope to discover more about it later. Any help from my readers would be greatly appreciated. It appeared that several sugar mill employees now live in the house.

The two story house is constructed of square cut stones, probably brought over from England as ballast in the ships that hauled sugar to England. The builders constructed both stories of stone. There is a large cut stone stairway in the front. Corrugated metal now covers the hip roof. The remains of the original kitchen out building is in ruins and barely visible behind the house.

The house is easily recognizable, just off the Clarks Town/Duncans road, just a couple of kilometers south of Clarks Town.

John Grant, Chief Justice of Jamaica from 1784 to 1790 purchased the Georgia Estate in 1778.  He was also and an Attorney for several other estates and having become wealthy from Jamaican  sugar, retired to Scotland in 1790.  He sold Georgia Estate to his friend Charles Gordon

Charles Gordon moved to Jamaica in 1772, from Scotland to settle the estate of his uncle who had been a merchant in Montego Bay.  While he was there, he purchased the Georgia Estate from John Grant.  He became very wealthy and was able to return to Scotland in 1781.

Major General Thomas Gordon who lived from 1788 to 1841 owned Georgia Estate and it’s 250 slaves.  He received his title during his service in behalf of the Greeks in their war of independence from the Turkish rule of their country.  He owned the slaves up until their emancipation  in 1838.



Georgia Overseer’s House Photo Gallery

Great Houses Early April 2015 150Great Houses Early April 2015 151Great Houses Early April 2015 153Great Houses Early April 2015 154Great Houses Early April 2015 155

Georgia Overseer’s House Location Map



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8 responses to “Georgia Overseer’s House”

  1. Richard Blake says :

    Hi –just stumbled on this fascinating blog.

    I have started some research into John Grant and his brother Francis in the wider context of their property in Scotland and other 19 century family members. Contemplating a first visit to Jamaica later this year.

    Ref Georgia ownership and sale to Gordon,where are the records for the land purchases/sales kept? I have the excellent book by Karras. I am assuming that I will need to get to Spanishtown for some of the records, That, of course, is where John lived and, I assume, was a judge.

    Also interested in other Grant “Attorney” estates (Glasgow, Margotty, Point, Baulk, Friendship, Three Mile River, Content, Hampden, Orange valley, Dundee, Garredu,Cheshire) and , of course, Blackness which remained in the family well after the death of Francic until the British Government compensation settlement with payment to the widow of Francis. Do you know anything about Blackness? I know there is a mountain of that Westmoreland.

    If I do make the trip where might be the best place/places to be based to get a flavour of “real” Jamaica?

    Richard Blake


  2. anita grant steele says :

    Thanks very much for this very interesting record & pictures. I’m descended from his mother’s Grant family. Both Chief Justice John Grant and his brother, Francis Grant, died in Scotland. There was, however, their close relation, John Grant, (probably a first cousin) who was in close proximity with them, died in Jamaica. I need more information about this other John, paticularly where he was buried. Any information and suggestions appreciated.
    Anita Grant Steele


  3. Anita Grant Steele says :

    My understanding is Chief Justice John Grant’s brother, Francis Grant -who was also a lawyer and a planter- lived or owned (?) Blackness Estate (?)
    in Westmoreland (?), Jamaica. I am wondering if someone can confirm this for me and direct me to images of the property, and provide any additional sources? In advance, thanks very much for your help.
    Anita Grant Steele


    • Richard Blake says :

      I don’t have any images but, yes, Francis owned Blackness. As far as I know he was not a lawyer but was an Attorney for absentee plantation owners. See


      • Anita Grant Steele says :

        Richard, this is very pleasing to the ears! I would love to know of any images of Blackness you may find. If you can provide any sources, I will be happy to also search and share with you whatever I find.

        I am still very interested in finding any reference to John Grant, the relation to Chief Justice John Grant and his brother Francis Grant. I know there was considerable correspondence between CJ John & Francis and their cousin, William Grant of Trois-rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Can you suggest any sources for any surviving correspondence? Again, I will be happy to share whatever I find.

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am very grateful for your help!


      • Richard Blake says :

        I have never seen any correspondence between John or Francis with your John or William and I would be interested to hear of it. My interest has been primarily with John, Francis and their successors at Kilgraston, from whom I am descended. My research and writing continues!


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